• 31 May 2022: Guest lecture by prof. Nives Dolšak (University of Washington): replay, video presentation in the classroom


  • 27 May 2022: Guest lecture by prof. Nives Dolšak (University of Washington) and by prof. Maja Brkan (EU General Court): video presentation via aplication MS Teams



  • 5 May 2022: Guest lecture at the University of Ljubljana "Competence and (co)operation of Euripean Union and Member States in the field of energy: selected topics"


  • 11 March 2022: Lecture for non-lawyers (high school): Energy and Environment: Selected legal and public policy aspects


  • 24 December 2021: The leader of the Jean Monnet Chair of Energy Law and Policy, i.e. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aleš Ferčič was appointed a member of the Working Group of the University of Maribor for a Green Future by a decision of the Rector of the University of Maribor.


  • 9 December 2021: Guest lecture of Univ. Prof. Dr. Stefan Storr, Vienna University of Economics and Business


  • 1 October 2021: Beginning of the winter semester of the study year 2021/2022 in which at least 30 hours of teaching activities are planned (as well as other activities)


  • 21 June 2021: Lecture for non-lawyers (particularly for high school students) "EU yesterday, today and tomorrow: perspectives of active citizens"

                                   * introductory note on law, state and citizenship

                                   * fundamental milestones in the development of European Union

                                   * values, aims and activities of the European Union

                                   * European Energy Union and citizens.


  • 17 May 2021: Conference "Selected issues regarding the reform of Slovenian energy law"

Program 1705201 slika1

  • 26 May 2021: Workshop "Jean Monnet activities (Erasmus+) and presentation of the Jean Monnet Chair of energy law and policy"

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