University of Maribor

University of Maribor brings together 19 members (17 faculties, the Library of the University and the Homes of Students), around 13.500 students in 2.000 employees. Its core mission is effective performance of research and teaching activities, and transfer of knowledge and experiences in the industry and society. In this regard, it strives for excellence, as evidenced by its achievements and awards to date. More information about the University of Maribor is available on the University’s website (

Faculty of law

The Faculty of law of the University of Maribor is a full member of the aforementioned university, and from a functional point of view it is an integral part of the national system providing for the education of lawyers in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad (Erasmus program). Educational activities are designed and implemented in such a way that they strive for the greatest possible connection with the judicial system of the Republic of Slovenia (judiciary, public prosecutor's office, notary and lawyer's office), while graduates are successful in the public sector, companies and other employers. The Faculty of Law is aware of the importance of research activities and international cooperation, as evidenced by the successfully completed domestic and international scientific research projects, books and articles published in reputable publications by reputable publishers and advisory work in practice, including the preparation of the expert materials for the needs of the legislative process. More information about the Faculty of Law of the University of Maribor is available on the Faculty’s website (

The team

  • Dr. Aleš Ferčič, associate professor and head of the Jean Monnet Chair of Energy Law and Policy at the University of Maribor / Faculty of law, head of the Institute of Public Law at the University of Maribor, member of the European Law Institute, and arbitrator of the Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chambre of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. For more pieces of information click here.
  • Dr. Stefan Storr, professor of Austrian and European public law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Institute of Austrian and European Law. For more pieces of information click here.
  • Dr. Nives Dolšak, professor of environmental policy and director of the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington. For more pieces of information click here.
  • Dr. Maja Brkan, associate professor of European Union law at the Maastricht University / Faculty of law. For more pieces of information click here.